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Top Gun Indoor Range Top Gun Indoor Range Top Gun Sportsman's Club Both Locations

Paid in Full Purchase
Monthly Payment Plan
$200 /Year
Range Access
Not Available
$325 /Year
$35.00 Per Month
$325 /Year
Club Access
$35.00 Per Month
$660 /Year
Platinum Membership
$55.00 Per Month
Indoor Range Access
Indoor Range Access
  Sportsman's Club Access
Sportsman's Club Access
  Weekly Member Gun Raffle
Weekly Member Gun Raffle
  Family Included
Family Included For Additional Charge Spouse and Children
14 - 21 Included
Spouse and Children
14 - 21 Included
Spouse and Children
14 - 25 Included
  Firearm Rentals
Firearm Rentals $10.00 No Charge No Charge No Charge
  Firearm Purchases
Firearm Purchases No Discount 10% Over Dealer Cost 10% Over Dealer Cost 10% Over Dealer Cost
  Ammunition Purchases
Ammunition Purchases No Discount 10% Over Dealer Cost 10% Over Dealer Cost 10% Over Dealer Cost
  Accessory Purchases
Accessory Purchases No Discount 10% Over Dealer Cost 10% Over Dealer Cost 10% Over Dealer Cost
  Firearm Transfers
Firearm Transfers $25.00 $25.00 $25.00 No Charge
  Training Discount
Training Discount 10% 10% 10%
  Gunsmithing Discount
Gunsmithing Discount 10% 10% 10%
  Laser Engraving Discount
Laser Engraving Discount 10% 10% 10%
  Guest Fees
Guest Fees $8.50 (Same Lane) $8.50 (Same Lane) $35.00 $20.00
  Cabin Rentals
Cabin Rentals N / A N / A $75.00 / Night $50.00 / Night
Guest Fees $8.50 (Same Lane) $8.50 (Same Lane) $35.00 $20.00
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Top Gun Indoor Range Both Locations

Paid in Full Purchase
Monthly Payment Plan
$250 /Year
Heros Gold
$22.00 Per Month
$540 /Year
Heros Platinum
$45.00 Per Month
Purchase Heros Heros Gold Heros Platinum

Heros: Active Military • Retired Military • First Responders (Police / Fire / EMS / EMT)
 • Armed Security Guards • Nurses • Teachers • 911 Dispatchers • Correctional Officers

Firearm Drawing List

XGlock19X9MMPhilip Pressler #1
XBrowningA-Bolt.270 WinchesterMatt Myers #2
XRock Island1911 5".45 ACPKathleen Smith #19
XSmith & WessonEZ Shield.380 ACPThomas Mastropietro #9
XSmith & WessonM&P 99MMJason Walz #4
Ruger10/22.22 LR 
XSmith & Wesson642.38 SPECIALRoger Driggs #10
SavageStealth6.5 Creedmore 
XRemington782.243 RemingtonKevin Campbell #6
XCanikTP99MMThomas Chris #8
RugerSingle Six.22 LR 
Springfield ArmoryXD Mod 29MM 
Ruger22/45.22 LR 
Smith & WessonSport II5.56 
Glock17 Gen 59MM 
Mossberg500 Tactical12 Guage 
XSavageAxis .308 WinchesterJeffrey Jarvis #11
Smith & Wesson686+ 5".357 Magnum 
WaltherP22.22 LR 
RugerPrecision Rifle.308 Winchester 
RugerAmerican w/ Scope.30-06 
SavageB22.22 LR 
HenryH001.22 LR 
Radical ArmsAR Pistol5.56 
XSpringfield Armory1911 .45 ACPGerald Frisbie #12
XRugerLCP2.380 ACPCarey Wells #14
XFN5099MMEric Sachs #15
BrowningBuckmark.22 LR 
Sig Sauer3209MM 
Remington700300 BLK 
XSmith & WessonVictory.22 LRThomas Dennis #13
Remington870 Tac1412 Guage 
RugerSR22.22 LR 
CZ455.22 LR 
Mossberg93012 Guage 
XGlock429MMWilliam Belos #17
RugerSuper Blackhawk.44 Magnum 
TaurusJudge.45 / .410 
XGlock199MMAnson Rinesmith #7
Thompson / CenterTCR22.22 LR 
XRugerEC9S9MMPhillip Vonfeldt #3
Sig Sauer238.380 ACP 
XRuger10/22 Takedown.22 LRJeffrey Garwood #5
Smith & WessonShield9MM 
Century ArmsRAS 477.62 X 39 
XH&KVP99MMBrian Hall #18
XSmith & WessonM&P 22.22 LRArlen Lott #16
Springfield 1911 A1 Custom Engraved 1911  .45 ACP

Top Gun’s 52 Gun Giveaway Rules

Every Range Access, Gold, Heroes...

Every Range Access, Gold, Heroes, Club Access, and Platinum Member of Top Gun Shooting Sports and Top Gun Sportsman’s Club are automatically entered to our weekly gun drawing. Monthly Members must be in good standing to be eligible.

By purchasing a membership and entering...

By purchasing a membership and entering the Member Raffle, you attest that you are a law abiding citizen of good moral character, may legally possess any firearm(s) won, have intention of using the firearm(s) only in a safe and legal manner, and will or have already obtained instruction on the safe use and operation of any firearm(s) won.

All raffle winners must pass...

All raffle winners must pass a NICS background check. Those unable to pass a NICS background check will forfeit their raffle win.

Raffle drawings will be conducted...

Raffle drawings will be conducted every Friday beginning Friday March 8th, 2019 and ending Friday February 28th, 2020.

Winners must accept the prize...

Winners must accept the prize as drawn. No substitutions will be allowed.

You must be 21 years old...

You must be 21 years old, a legal resident of the United States, and a member in good standing of Top Gun Shooting Sports or Top Gun Sportsman’s Club to be eligible for raffle winnings.

Winners must redeem their guns...

Winners must redeem their guns at Top Gun Shooting Sports (Arnold, MO) All firearm transfers will be done through a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Dealer. All applicable Federal and State laws will apply. If a winner wishes to have their firearm shipped to a different FFL, they will be responsible for shipping fees and transfer fees at the receiving dealer.

Firearms are not transferrable...

Firearms are not transferrable. The person designated on the ticket must claim the winning firearm.

Weekly drawings will be posted to...

Weekly drawings will be posted to Facebook and the website. Winners will be notified by telephone and e-mail. If Top Gun Shooting Sports is unable to contact the winner via phone or e-mail, it is the sole responsibility of the winner to contact Top Gun Shooting Sports to claim their prize.

All guns must be claimed...

All guns must be claimed, and transfer completed within 90 days of the drawing date. Firearms not claimed within 90 days will be raffled once again until a winner claims the prize.