rifle shooting range

The Rifle Ranges

The club features a variety of rifle ranges built specifically for all shooting disciplines. Whether you enjoy long range precision shooting, defensive shooting, or sighting in your hunting rifle, Top Gun has a range to meet all of your rifle shooting needs.

Tactical Rifle Range

Tactical rifle training requires specifically designed bays that are built for safety and target flexibility. Our tactical rifle range offers our members a customizable target setup to facilitate complex tactical scenarios.

300-Yard Rifle Range

For those looking for a challenge, our 300-yard rifle range features eight shooting benches and one prone shooting bench. Target stands are located at 50, 100, 200 and 300 yards as well as a variety of AR-500 steel targets. The range has a designated golf cart on-site for members to setup and retrieve targets.

Rimfire Range

Designed for the rimfire enthusiast, this range offers both steel and paper targets up to 50 yards, for that satisfying “ping” rimfire shooters love to hear.