clay shooting

The Shotgun Ranges

Top Gun Sportsman's Club is the perfect destination for the shotgun enthusiast. Our facility is the only local facility to offer a full complement of clay shooting, tactical shotgun, and five stand options.

Sporting Clays

Top Gun Sportsman’s Club features a sporting clays course with 10 stations amid 40 acres of beautiful woods and rolling terrain. When you’re ready for a challenge, stop by the 5-Stand station to test your group’s marksmanship skills in a flurry of clays.

The Top Gun sporting clays course was designed by an All-American Sporting Clay shooter and uses Promatic 400TT commercial traps that are wireless and solar-powered. The traps hold 400 birds each and can offer report pairs, following pairs, or true pairs with the press of a button. Two stations offer rabbit / chondel traps to challenge your clay shooting skills.

Five Stand

Our Five Stand course contains strategically placed traps that offer members a variety of bird presentations. Shooters engage these birds in a scripted sequence, and are presented with five targets from each of the five shooting positions.

Tactical Shotgun

Our tactical bay can be customized for a dynamic shooting scenario within a defined 180 degree shooting area.